Slide ScanningPreserve Brillance of Slides With High-Resolution Images

Sharing Slides brought families together

Brilliance of 35mm slides and vivid details shared on a 10 ft screen brought families together with life-like experiences

Slide images formed family bonds as Grandfather’s slides from decades ago became a shared experience with the next generations. For years these brilliant images have been fading, stowed away and forgotten. Foto2digital, delivers these bright images to your screen to be savored and shared again.

Sharing Slides
Slides Are Brilliant Due To High-Resolution
High Resolution

Photos that are scanned at 600dpi (dots per inch) stay the same size for viewing. Unlike photos, slides are scanned at 4,500 ppi (pixels per inch) because the 1.38” (35mm) wide slide is stretched over 100-inch screens to view. This stretching would leave the screen pixilated, unless we have enough pixels to fill the full screen.

Foto2Digital gives you those 6,000 pixels (1.38-inch x4,500 pixel/inch=6,000 pixels) so you can see the image with the same clarity as your parents did when the slide was captured.

Face-Recognition To Name Names

Facial-recognition software helps identify and group faces that you can name. The name is applied to all slide images where that face appears. Once named, you can view any image of a person just by typing their name.

Preserving Memories With Keywords

We preserve family memories by adding searchable keywords that identify the slides by event, dates and location. We capture this information with folder structure we create while scanning using notes from the slide boxes. Using these as searchable keywords, we can find any image. Future generations would be able to trace family stories and know who the people were and what they valued.

Don't Let Your Memories
Fade Away!

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