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foto2digital takes the stress out of your scanning project


  • Why Organize?Why Organize? Where to start? No need to go through photos before digitizing. Let foto2digital take the stress out.
    Once scanned, we can organize by name, remove unwanted and duplicates and group them for different family members instantly. Read More

    Most scanning project never get started because people believe that they must organize, cull out unwanted photos, or touch the photos before scanning. Why?

    • Family MembersOrganize for family members? No need to touch photos. It is much easier and quicker with software to scan digital images to recognize and group faces for you to naming by hundreds.
    • Duplicate Remove unwanted? Duplicates, blurry photos that you must remove? Easier to discard after scanned and saves time. No Charge for unwanted duplicates.
    • Time to PRESERVE is After photos are scanned: Add names, embed stories to make them accessible to generations!
  • Arrange Photos Arrange Photos For Preserving Information: foto2digital preserves family stories by scanning information with the photos.Index cards scanned with the photos (trips, weddings etc.) retains information among scanned images for keywording. Do not use bags, envelopes or sticky-notes which do NOT scan.You can help by arranging photos. Read More

    Index Cards We recommend using index cards to group photos, like birthdays or weddings. These index cards are scanned with the photos, identifying the events for easy keywording. When we need to identify people, we can write on the back of the photo and scan double-sided producing a pair of images.

    Together, index cards and double-sided scanning, preserves information necessary to make scanned images searchable with names and keywords.

  • Sticky Notes Why No Sticky-Notes? Would you like to see a sticky note in a scanned image? Even if we put it back after scanning the photo, the scanned images would NOT retain the information. When we use index cards that are scanned with the photos, preserving the memory.Avoid using envelopes, baggies or folders. They are not scannable. Read More

    How to arrange photos to preserve information without stickies and baggies?

    Arrange photos by size only:

    We recommend that you group the photos by size so that each stack has flat edges and no edge sticking out that can be damaged during shipping. Make neat packets of 2-300 photos (2-3” thick) with straight edges of same size photos. Loose photos must be between 2×3” to 8×10”.

    Group photos using Index cards within stacks of same size photos:

    Events like weddings, birthdays and family trips generate many photographs that we group together and identify. We recommend inserting index cards to mark the beginning and end of each group. These cards allow continuous scanning and RETAIN keywords on the index card. One big stack can contain several occasions that are separated by their index card and scanned with the photos. The resulting scanned images are easy to identify and tag with searchable keywords. These index cards can be removed from scanned images and will NOT be billed.

    Use of Index cards retain naming information among scanned images.

    Double-sided scans at discount (grouped together 200 or more):

    Double SIde When we need to preserve information about individual photos, or record dates necessary to provide context to the image, please write the information on the back of the photo and mark the photos for double-sided scanning (make sure ink is dry before stacking). Some old photos already have information written on their backs. Put all those together and clearly mark for double-sided scanning.

    foto2digital, preserves family stories and saves information with double-sided scans which helps us preserve your story. We recognize its importance and offer a 60% discount for the group of photos submitted for double-sided scanning. It is cost effective to have double-sided scans of photos with information on the back. With the image-pair providing contextual information we can record searchable keywords directly, rather than looking for physical photos.

    This double-sided discount is not valid for individual photos. This service is NOT offered for mixed stacks and is reserved for stacks of 200 or more photos, clearly marked for double sided scans.

Shipping Options:

Your Shipping Box

Your Shipping Box

Ship in your boxes:

Ship to: foto2digital, 930 Glen Lane, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965.

Before you pack, please make a list of the contents, take a picture and send us both along with tracking number and e-mail us at Make sure you have called us and are on the schedule.

Unscheduled deliveries are NOT accepted.

Our Shipping Box

Our Shipping Box

We ship you the shipping box and label; you pack and return:

You place the photos in the bubble-wrap, tape it water-tight. Please make a list of contents, take a photo and email it to us at 50% of estimated order is due in advance.

You Deliver

You Deliver

Instructions for drop off
(By Appointment Only):

Stack photos (see Instructions to Arrange above). Put your photo stacks in boxes for delivery.

Call us at 608-221-9180 for appointment to visit our office.

Our Address

930 Glen Lane, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965.


As low as $0.17 per photo

A $30 service fee applies to all orders. This service fee provides for safe handling procedures including: intake, item coding, physical & digital storage, quality checks by senior technicians and packaging. Pricing is for clean photos (between 3” and 10”, including up to 8×10”) without sticky surfaces, sticky notes, paper-clips, baggies, envelopes, staples or rips, in stacks arranged by size only (no expected order), scanned at 600dpi:

Pricing for Standard Scanning* Volume Discount
Quantity Cost (Cents/Photo)
< 1,000 22
9,999 20 10% off
> 10,000 17 20% off
Double sided ** 26 60% off

*To qualify for above prices, photos must be between 3” and 8” wide (includes 2×3” to 8×10”). These photos must be:

  • clean, loose, stackable
  • without any non-scannable debris,sticky notes, staples, paper clips, tears, baggies, envelopes

** Double-sided scan is meant to preserve information about the photo. These photos must all be stacked together as a bundle at least 2” thick (about 200 photos). This rate does not apply to individual pictures or stacks of photos mixed with single sided scans.

How to estimate your job size
  • SHOE BOX fits about 1000 photos. 1” stack of photos is approximately 100 photos.
  • USPS PRIORITY MAIL shipping box fits about 1,400 photos (up to 5×7”photos) and can hold ½” stack of 8×10” (about 40 photos) on top or bottom of 5×7” or 4×6” stack of photos.
    Please allow for bubble wrap and tape to seal the photos water-tight.
  • 10,000 photos can be packed in 4 medium size shipping boxes (12x18x12”)
  • If you must group photos please see ARRANGE PHOTOS to preserve information for scanning We remove labelled index cards from the photo count, you are not billed for index cards.
Special Sizes & Formats
  • Photos smaller than 3”: Small photos are scanned as a group on an 8×14” flat-bed. Each flatbed scan costs $2.50 per scan. You will get an individually scanned image for each photo.
  • Photos larger than 8×10” or photos with rips and tears: Cost depending on the project & time.
  • Photos in frames: We prefer that you remove photos before shipping. If the photo cannot be removed or is fragile (if removing photos may damage photo or frame), we can digitize in situ at $10/framed photo.

Newspaper articles and clippings are listed under documents scanning

Special Organization

Sometimes the fastest and easiest solution may not fit your needs.

Keeping the sequence of pre-arranged photos as sent $1.00/photo
Creating unique folder structure to match photos $2.00/photo
Photos with sticky notes or small groups in baggies $2.00/photo

We are sensitive to your needs and will help you find an efficient solution Call us

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