From weddings and bar mitzvahs to 1st birthdays and family vacations, everything was once stored and shared in slide form. But as digital photos start to overtake your collection of physical images, it makes sense to digitize your old slides. Here are 13 reasons you should convert your slides to a digital format.

1. Your slide projector isn’t working anymore.

Slide Projector The last time a company produced a slide projector was in 2004 and it was Kodak and let’s be honest, nobody uses them anymore. Slides are notoriously fragile and using them in an old slide projector can permanently erase those memories forever. It’s better to be on the safe side when dealing with treasured materials.

2. Share them!

Digital Media Share

Social media has made it easier than ever to share old photos. With your slides in a digital format, you can share memories with family and friends on Facebook or email quickly and easily.

3. Have them printed!

Once a slide is digitized, possibilities open up. Companies like Shutterfly make it easy to print your image on canvas, add it to a mug, or create a t-shirt. Alternatively, get your image re-printed so that your family members can all have their own copy.

4. Create a physical and digital back-up.

projector Slide Scanning The great thing about having photographic slides or any traditional photographs is that you can store them away in a safe place. A physical backup allows you to always have a hard copy. At the same time, slides, negatives and photo printscan deteriorate. Digital files are the most secure way to prevent loss over time.

7. Easier accessibility.

It’s cumbersome to sort through old photos and slides for a specific photo or slide. If you transfer slides to digital, you can easily access the images you need from a computer.

8. Edit!

With your slides in a digital format, suddenly you have many options for editing them. Fix that lighting problem from your favorite wedding photo, re-crop images, and even experiment with photo collages and artistic editing techniques.

9. Get organized

Digitize My Photos Digitizing your slides, photographs, and negatives allows you to organize them on your computer and have the option to scrapbook them without compromising the original printouts or slides. You also have the option to organize them through dates, occasion or person, whatever fits!

10. Use them as screensavers or wallpapers!

Remember when your first born first smiled and you were able to take a photograph and it was one of the best moments ever. Now you can have that photo on your phone’s screen all the time to remind you of that moment.

11. Preserve, Preserve, Preserve

Madison Photo Scan The great thing about digital photos or slides is that they cannot get discolored, faded, scratched or torn. They are also not affected by chemicals or the materials traditional photos and slides are printed on. It’s the safer choice for those irreplaceable precious memories.

12. Share images with family

A relative has a birthday but you haven’t spoken to them in a long time? Get an old slide digitized and printed on a card to create a very special personalized greeting card that will surely make the receiver feel special.

13. It’s just a good idea

Holding on to those precious slides without digitizing them can seem like the safer choice. However, when we’re talking about making them last forever, it’s the worst choice you can make.

Having those precious moments digitized can make them last more than a lifetime. After all, capturing moments on film is for the purpose of remembering them.

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