13 Reasons You Should Transfer Your Slides to Digital Today

From weddings and bar mitzvahs to 1st birthdays and family vacations, everything was once stored and shared in slide form. But as digital photos start to overtake your collection of physical images, it makes sense to digitize your old slides. Here are 13 reasons you should convert your slides to a d...

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5 Reasons to Digitize Your Photos

While a personal loss of photos and albums prompted me to think seriously about deciding to digitize my photos, that is not the only reason to save your photos by scanning. Technology driven changes in our lifestyle demands digitizing for 5 reasons. Ease of Access to Media My daughter, can lo...

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Why The Best Scanning Apps Can’t Compare To Manual Scanning

The modern day smartphone has evolved to be a lot more than an evolved PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) with mobile phone capabilities. Imaging quality in smartphones is so high, that many people do use it as a document scanner by using photo scanner app. However, no matter how great a particular...

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