Album Scanning Vintage Albums: Memories For Many

Treasure in my attic?

Old Group Photo

“This photo, taken in 1905, is one of many in this family album my mother inherited. The people are my grandmother’s parents, her aunts and uncles and her cousins. These are the faces within this album.

I do not know (my 2nd and 3rd cousins), but I share my great grandparents with them. Although I’m the only one who inherited this single-family album, these photos may mean a lot to them as well.

Foto2Digital scanned the album and helped me name and link these photos to my online genealogy tree. They empowered me to reconnect with my third cousins, I didn’t know existed.

Old photographs tie the present to the past and future. They connect us to stories of our ancestors as part of the greater human experience.
As time passes, that history is lost. These stories deserve to be preserved for upcoming generations. We can help.

How it works?



By knowing your objectives, we can provide you with options so that you can access your images securely, customized to your objectives and needs.


Your project demands unique attention! We only accept shipments if we already have the content list and tracking number. Unscheduled shipments are refused and returned.


If your albums are fragile, secure each separate album in plastic wrap. Line a small or medium shipping container with bubble wrap, place your albums inside and seal all open edges.


Local to Wisconsin? We can arrange pickup! If not, we’ll recommend the best shipping, including tracking and delivery confirmation. After your boxes are received, we verify their content with you.
Cleaning Albums and Photos

Cleaning Albums and Photos

We start by carefully removing layers of dirt in an anti-static, dirt-free environment using micro-vacuuming, soft-bristle brushes and microfiber cloths, no solvents or compressed air that damage your photos.


We scan each album page, then isolate the photos. You receive both the digitized page and the individual images as separate files.

Optimized for Screen Viewing

Optimized for Screen Viewing

Old photos fade. Scanned images reflect that. Our trained specialists optimize each photo with cropping, color correction and exposure. We scan, optimize and upload images on the same day so you see them immediately.

Naming and Keywording

Naming and Keywording

Our facial-recognition software identify and group faces, allowing you to share our screen to name people, events, trips and albums with searchable keywords, after which we upload your images, so you can easily find specific photos.


A $30 service fee applies to all orders. This service fee provides for safe handling procedures including: intake, item coding, physical & digital storage, quality checks by senior technicians and packaging

QTY Albums* Scrapbooks/babybooks**
< 1,000 (10 albums) $2.50/page $1.0/page
1,000 – 9,999 (<100Albums) $2.25/ page $0.9/page
>10,000 (Over 100 Albums) $1.87/page $0.75/page

* Album Pages: Pricing for scanning each album page at 600DPI. You receive the entire page and each individual photo as separate files at the same resolution.

** Scrap-books/Baby-books: Price for each A4 (8.5×11”) page of the scrapbook/ baby-book scanned at 600DPI. As an 8×10” page would produce a 4800 x 6000-pixel, 28-megapixel uncompressed file, you receive a compressed jpg for each page.

Scrap Books larger than 8.5”x11”, (up to 11×17”) that do not fit on an A4 flatbed are digitized at a rate of $4.00/page. If your album needs individual images separated from the page, it would cost $1.50 extra per page.

Why Remove Photos For Scanning?

Simple – it saves you money. We have the tools in one location to digitize modern albums more efficiently by removing the photos for one-third the cost.

If photos aren’t fragile and can be removed, the same 100-page (400 photos) album that would cost $250, would cost only $88. DO NOT REMOVE -GLUED PHOTOS, ONLY REMOVE MAGNETIC STICKY ALBUMS WITHOUT DAMAGING THEM USING A HAIR DRYER AND SPECIAL GLUE-REMOVING SOLVENT. To learn how to remove your own photos from modern albums, please contact us.

Track Every Album

If it’s important to identify the source of photos and the album the photos came from, we recommend using index cards, so we can include searchable keywords for each album. We scan the index cards with the album photos, then place them in separate groups to easily find which album the photos came from.

Safe Shipping

We remove your photos and place them in archival boxes, which are lignin- and acid-free to reduce the cost of scanning and shipping while preserving your photos and making shipping safer. (Please see our Photo-Removal Service).

Photo-removal Service

We provide a photo-removal service that includes photo cleanup for $60/album. We can return the photos in archival boxes that cost $15.00 and holds photos from 3 albums.


Scrapbooks, Baby Books, Wedding Albums, Funeral Books, High School Year books

Each provides a unique historical perspective of what’s important. The writing in the books is one of a kind, speaking volumes about the person and their life. We capture the entire page to preserve these memories.

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