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Foto2digital uses facial-recognition software to identify faces.  You name them.  Finding photos by name and keyword is a cinch. See for yourself


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We take stress out of scanning and preserving

George Eastman empowered everyone, not just a privileged few, to capture important moments of their lives with his promise, “you press the button and we do the rest”.

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Google Rating
Based on 17 reviews

Who’s in your family photos?

Without names and keywords, your photos will not tell future generations your family’s story. Photographs fade away with the passing of generations, even if the images are safe. We all have family photos, where we can’t name the people or tell the story.

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Google Rating
Based on 17 reviews

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Our Services

Transform your memories into digital files perfect for sharing with family and friends.
Enjoy a high-quality scanned image along with access to your family’s legacy. Foto2Digital embeds searchable keywords in your scanned images.
  • Photos


    Our photo scanning service is quick, affordable and easy. We convert your family’s photos into searchable, digital images. Read More
  • Slides


    There’s no need to set up a projector. Your slides will be viewable on any digital device. Read More
  • Albums


    Digitize albums without removing or damaging photos. You get a separate image for each photo. Read More
  • Documents


    Convert all your documents to searchable digital images with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to access them easily & securely. Read More

How It Works

  • Consult

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    We learn about your project, show you what is possible, and determine how you want to preserve your story.

    • We learn about your family story
    • Show you our collection
    • Don’t organize
    • Discard unwanted or duplicate images

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  • Ship

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    Your media is irreplaceable. We recommend the following steps to ensure safety.

    • Stack & record contents
    • Bubble-wrap and tape package water-tight
    • Use small to medium size shipping boxes, weight evenly distributed

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  • Digitize

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    After we verify the content of shipment with you, we digitize and upload the same day, so you can enjoy your scanned images

    • Group & Scan.
    • Check quality & optimize.
    • Upload images & send you a link
    • Remove dupes & unwanted images

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  • Keywording

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    Join the fun and identify the faces of your family members. Warning: It is addictive, but satisfying, knowing that you are leaving a legacy for the future.

    • Facial-recognition
    • Share our screen and name faces
    • Group images of events add Keywords

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Why Us?

We specialize in preserving family collections by scanning and keywording, so it is easy to find photos of a person or an event, now or in the future.

Our focus is on family collections and our pricing reflects affordable digitizing and many extras, that are FREE:
Free Searchable Names and Keywords
Facial-recognition and keywording of photographs comes standard with all digitizing of family photo, slide and negative collections. You do not pay extra for making your digital images easy to find.
Free and Secure Online Access
During consulting we will create your private secure account. You can search and find the photos of a single person or any event using a browser. There is NO EXTRA monthly or yearly FEES. AND FREE IN-HOUSE FULL RAW SCAN AND CATALOG BACKUP*.
Free Higher Resolution Scanning
At Foto2Digital you do not pay extra for high-resolution; it is standard: 600dpi resolution scanning of photos & Albums and while 4500dpi resolution for slides & negatives. Typed-Document scanning includes searchable OCR (Optical Character Recognition)!.
Foto2digital Costs Less, Offers More, With Better Quality.

Compare our cost to scan 1,000 or 10,000 photos at 600 dpi with searchable names.

1,000 SCANS 10,000 SCANS
foto2Digital $200 $1,650 f2dprice
FotoBridge $246 $1,670
ScanMyPhoto $299 $1,794
DigMyPics(w/10% volume discount) $490 $4,900
iMemories $490 $4,900
Memories Renewed $540 $5,400
LegacyBox @ 300dpi** $1,100 $11,000
  • 1,000 photos fit a shoe box and about 1,500 photos can fit in a USPS Priority Box 12” x 12” x 6”
  • 10,000 photos can be packed in 4 medium size shipping boxes (12” x 18” x 12”)

** All prices compared are at the resolution of 600 dpi, except (*) Legacy Box service that scans ONLY at 300 dpi maximum.

Besides the extras that comes standard at Foto2Digital, our services are priced better than every recognized service around. See for yourself. Price Comparisons


  • They made 30 year old slides look like brand new photos again and were SO fast! I highly recommend their services!!

    Becky Heck Avatar Becky Heck

    Top marks! Excellent value for the money. All Foto2Digital's work seems to be of superior quality. I had a challenging set of images which I needed scanned and Karen worked with all my needs and completed the process in under a day! She is not only knowledgable and competent, she is full of excellent suggestions and tips I would've never thought of.

    Chairface Chippendale Avatar Chairface Chippendale

    Excellent customer service! Very knowledgeable, helpful, and committed to doing quality work. I had 6,000+ family photos of all sizes, color as well as black & white, slides, etc, and they had them all scanned to digital format in less than a week. Quality is exceptional; I highly recommend Foto2digital!

    kathy haven Avatar kathy haven
  • I found Foto2Digital through an online search. I wanted to have about 3000 slides from the 1970s made digital for a gift to my parents. The service was friendly, kind, fast, and great quality at a reasonable price. Its incredible to have these photos close at hand after not being looked at for 40+ years.

    Melissa Allan Avatar Melissa Allan

    I feel that Karin and Kazi have an excellent business. The quality of the scans was excellent. They are very personable and I would not hesitate to take more slides for scanning. It is great that they are in Wisconsin.

    Robert Demge Avatar Robert Demge

Meet Karen and Kazi

Karen: Four years ago, my mother wanted to preserve her many photo albums and slides. Going through them, I realized that digitizing was not enough. We needed to identify people and stories to preserve them. No preservation service existed.
I had managed a conversion to paperless at a Credit Union, making documents searchable and accessible. I wanted to do the same with photos. I identified my goals and began to create a process to not only save my photos, but help others preserve their family legacy. About Us

Kazi: With three decades of experience in IT management and infrastructure design, I had set up government and legal offices to go paperless. After thorough testing, we can now embed searchable data in digitized images, plus make it securely accessible anywhere. Just like online banking, you can access your account and find a photo among thousands. About Us

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