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Foto2digital scanned a large quantity of my precious memories for me in April. I have crisp images that I can easily share and no longer have to worry the photos getting wet or otherwise damaged. Professional and high quality service. Thank you, Foto2digital.

Stacy B.

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Don't let family history slip away

Our scanning service is based around digitizing your photos and preserving your memories.

  • Ensure your legacy lives on before it's lost
  • Add meaning and details to images that last
  • Take stress out of passing them on to loved ones separately
  • Can be shared by the entire family
  • Affordable, professional, and SUPER EASY!
  • Can be used and uploaded to family trees
Photo Scanning Services Details

Let us help you save memories for generations

Don't wait until tragedy strikes

Our own company story begins due to a tragic loss of over a century worth of old family photos. Please don't share our fate!

Amazing to save all my photos and slides in one place! Quality was great as is the service.

Norma Merriam

There are many reasons that an entire family history could be lost forever, but here are a few.




Only 1 Copy

Obviously, many of these mean that your photos are already gone forever, with the exception of only one existing and many people wanting it.

If you still have your photos, we can help and get you on a path to sharing your family history for future generations.

We work with a number of different types of media

When you get in touch with us, we can help you at the individual level. Here are a few of the types of things that we can digitize for you.

Old Photos

Digitizing photographs for people around the USA

Photo Albums

Let us scan your pictures and provide a digitized photo album


We provide a service to scan photo negatives


35mm Slide Scanning service

35mm Rolls

Bulk negative scanning service in Madison, WI

Documents & News

Madison, WI document scanning service

Family Tree

We can digitize your family tree


We scan old records and documents


We scan your scrapbook items and make them digital

This is how our process works

The process is a simple 6 step process which involves very little "legwork" on your part.

To start the process, you should know about how much material you have to scan, so we can accurately work a quote on the phone call with you.​ Use the chart below for a "ballpark" estimate.

Size of your materials

Equates to what?

1" Stack of average photos

100 Pictures

1" Stack of average slides (Kodachrome)

20 Slides

1 Typical Album (100 pages)

Done by page count, not image count

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6
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Don't worry, it's absolutely free and we would love to help.